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December 04, 2006



Every single piece of this is made up of things I love, but I'm having trouble imagining how they all fit together in a single bite. I've only made lasagna once, and never experimented with it much. This is fascinating, and inspiring.


What a great idea, I really like the sounds of this combination.


I was all, "yeah, ummm hmmm, yes, yum" with you until the pomegranate... novel! how did that taste? Would you recommend as a necessary ingrediant? What if you did a tangier cheese like goat cheese instead?


Hmm, that sounds interesting. Thanks for the response about the pomegranates- I think I know why I was told to spit out the little bitty pip. My dad had diverticulitis (not sure if I spelled that right), so we were encouraged not to ingest things that might get stuck were we to have polyps and not know or whatever. As for natural light- I hear ya. Even with a virtually non-existent commute time, I don't get home before it's dark, dark outside and I leave work around 5:30 normally. What gives, eh!

This dish does look wonderful though. Wondering about the pomegranate influence too. Yum :)


Wow, does that sound interesting. I have most of those ingredients on hand that are a bit of this and a bit of that that needs to get used. I think I'll have a go tomorrow. Wish I had the unusual twist of pomegranate, but will carry on with out it. Inspired cooking.

Stephanie Beack

Glad you're all liking the pomegranate. I would say it's necessary to the uniqueness of the result but if you can't use it (like Pasticciera) try finding some other fruit. Maybe if you took some sweet-tart apples, juiced them and really reduced them into a thick and rich syrup, you could accomplish the same thing I was going for. The pomegranate adds just a hint of tartness and depth but it's not so strong that it overwhelms the bite. Think of it as a low and mellow twist rather than bold and smacking.

When you first take a bite, the aromas hit you first, kind of like good wine. The ginger, nutmeg and sage aromas are the first sensory input. When you begin to chew, the rich squash puree is next, it reminds me of pumpkin but not so overwhelmingly spicy. The sage and pesto is next, and adds salt and nutty earthiness to the bite. The finishing taste is the creamy cheese with the slight fruitiness and tartness. It really honestly blends so well that discerning the components if you didn't know them could be challenging to many people.

Vanessa, I'd say unless you hate pomegranate, just try it with. It really isn't dominating at all, it's an undertone and I really like its presence. Pasticciera, too bad you can't get your hands on pomegranate. I'd be happy to send you a bottle or two if you'd care to email me your address. If not, try concentrating some fruit you have on hand into a thick syrup and see if that works. I think grapefruit are in season now there, right? Maybe you could try combining some grapefruit with a little balsamico... something like that may work. Add a little as a time and taste as you go along.

Thanks for the compliments, all. I'm so glad you find this dish both fascinating and inspiring! Please, do try it out and let me know what you think of it.


Wow Steph! This, I need to bookmark for an upcoming dinner. Love the flavor combinations...how do you think up this stuff??!!

Stephanie Beack

Rowena, I hope you and your dinner guests enjoy it, please let me know the results. As for how, I think it up... it just emerges. I've always thought my brain a bit weird, :-) but I think I have a unique ability to imagine tastes and combinations. I can think about something and know almost exactly how it will taste. Mr. Scrumptious tells me all the time that he cannot do that and other friends and family agree. It's something in my hardwiring, I guess. And, lots of experimentation. Since I started cooking as a child, I always experiment and just approached cooking with "let's see what happens". Over the years, I just have learned more and become more comfortable and can anticipate certain things well and usually know how it will come out. Sometimes things are so unconventional that I know they'll be incredible -- either good or a huge disaster.


Wow! I've been looking for a new vegetarian main course to try for the holidays, and I love pomegranate. I'd never have thought to combine it with squash, but this truly sounds delicious. Thanks.


Congratulations on putting together a combination that's sure to awaken jaded palates but at the same time delivers the pleasures of 'comfort food'. Great images, too.

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