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January 09, 2007



Good God Almighty does that look GOOD!!!

Stephanie Beack

Matt, thanks so much and welcome to Scrumptious Street! It was very good...indeed, scrumptious. I love your enthusiasm, thanks!


Looks absolutely amazing. You're really making me hungry here!


You're welcome... I'm looking forward to learning some cooking methods/techniques from this blog! :)


holy cow! I agree with Matt! I think this fresh pasta looks worth the extra effort (extra to opening a box of spaghetti, that is.) Love the arugala and lemon zest additions.

Stephanie Beack

Yvo, I always seem to do that, thanks for letting me know I've got your stomach growling!

Thanks, Matt. I hope I don't disappoint and please share with me your versions of my posts. It's fun to hear the feedback.

Vanessa, thanks so much. The arugula and lemon flavors were really what make this pasta so special and delicious. They worked awesome with the ground black pepper in the pasta noodles! It's very lemony, and I loved it.

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Looks so yummy! Thank you for sharing it. I love pasta.

Account Deleted

I tried this recipe out today!
I didn't make fresh pasta, and didn't have arugula (just used a variety of other greens).
I overdid it on the lemon juice so it kind of ruined the whole dish >.<
I"m sure this would've been much better with fresh pasta though!

Stephanie Beack

Indeed! The entire key to this whole dish is the fresh pasta and the subtle hand with flavorings and technique. Hopefully you can try it again with fresh pasta, arugula and less lemon juice. Those are all important parts of the delicate flavor profile.

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