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May 16, 2007



Wow... looks amazing and simple to prepare.

Stephanie Beack

Steve, ah yes, you are right on both counts. You should give it a try...I'm always so happy that simple things can be so phenomenal.


Stephanie, I've said this before (I think) but you have a wonderful eye for photography. And I know I asked about your camera before but do you have any special lighting techniques you could share? Your first picture has such stunning detail.


Every other year or so, I get a crop of morels in my front lawn, along the edge of the woods. My best harvest was more than 100 morels! I haven't seen them yet this year, which doesn't bode well. Maybe next spring....

Stephanie Beack

suburbangourmet, thank you for the photography compliments, I really appreciate it. Let me be clear: I don't have a proper studio or lighting equipment set-up. I want it badly, and will purchase soon. The first picture looks so good because I shot it purely with the natural ambient daylight in my apartment. It was sitting about 4 feet from the window, during the gorgeous late-morning light. It's that easy, with a good camera, lens and natural light. Once it's evening (when 90% of my result dishes are shot) it becomes much worse. I never use flash, that makes the prepared food look terrible. As it is, I have no proper studio lighting in the night-time I still have these terrible harsh shadows that I can't get rid of without proper equipment. I just make do as I can and always use my tripod. With natural light, you don't get such harsh shadows. Go with natural light as much as possible. Due to my day job, I can't spend my days cooking and shooting (I wish!).

Lydia, how wonderful for you!! I'm sure you're disappointed they aren't there this year. When they are that fresh, one of my favorite ways to prepare them is to just dust them with salt, pepper and cornmeal and fry them up into crispy snacks. Yum!! But, they have to be immediately picked. How do you prepare them, when they're coming out your ears?


There's nothing better than fresh morels!


I have forgotton exactly how much I love morels ... thanks for reminding me and sending me off on a quest ... London this weekend ... so not too bad a place to go aquesting

Stephanie Beack

Brilynn, I couldn't agree with you more! Yumm.

Schalk, hope you found some wonderful morels in London. Glad to have triggered your memory.

Morel Mushroom Fan

Wow, that looks great. I am always looking for a new morel recipe.

Stephanie Beack

Welcome to Scrumptious Street, Morel Mushroom Fan! I am too, and adore them. This is a post from last year...tonight I just made them again so be on the lookout early next week for another Spring Morel recipe! They are incredible and so flavorful...

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