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September 14, 2007



You're back? Did you bring any exotic flavors from your vacation?


Cool! I lived in San Jose for a few years... Loved it and some day hope to move back. My family and I will be visiting my wife's family out there for Thanksgiving so you'll have to let me know some good places to eat in San Francisco. :)


Great to see you posting from the West Coast...

Berkeley is one of my favorite spots on Earth, and I am a little jealous... :-)

tasty pasta, I am sure it tasted great!

Stephanie Beack

croutonboy, just back today 10/1. Pay attention! Lined up the post on Fiji to publish automagically without me.

Matt, thanks for the encouragement, I'm still trying to settle in. I really miss NY and as far as restaurants so far... NYC is still far ahead.

SallyBR, great to hear from you again. The pasta was really very good and made me happy to be perusing the good produce. I don't live in Berkely, still trying to find our permanent home, but at least I'm exploring the areas!

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