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September 04, 2006



Oh ... my ... goodness! Where have you been all my life? This blog is gorgeous!

Isn't Once Upon a Tart one of the best cookbooks! It's constantly inspiring to me.

Beautiful scones!

Stephanie Beack

Ivonne, Welcome! So happy you like my blog, especially since yours is so good too!! The scones were simply divine, if you haven't tried that recipe yet, do yourself a favor and make them soon. I'm very thrilled to have you at my table on Scrumptious Street.

elisabeth korn

the fresh apricots look like sunshine on a plate and i can taste the chewy prize on the inside just reading. i'm also a fan of roasted beets but in a pinch will saute which makes them yummy for salads with less work, different flavor but good. the eggplant dish my mom had a hit with is called ratatouille provancale from 'the joy of cooking.' she tripled the amount of onions in the recipe and didn't skin or see the tomatoes. it is a veg meal and my dad felt it needed some meat to give it more of what he was looking for in his din din and so next time, mom served with it some pulled pork that she made from left over braized pork chops and they are still remembering the deliciousness. mom said the ratatouille was just plain tasty. i'm practically converted to liking eggplant just from hearing them wax on about it.

Stephanie Beack

Elisabeth, Welcome to Scrumptious Street!

Thanks for all the info, you're commenting on about 3 of my posts! LOL. I'll certainly keep an eye out for the ratatouille provencale...sounds delish.


I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous these apricots are! I really appreciate fresh ingredients, and your site is wonderful. Glad I found you.

Stephanie Beack

Hi Kat, welcome to Scrumptious Street! I too, am glad you found my site. These apricots were as succulent as they look, I can't wait until I can get my hands on more this year.

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