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September 01, 2006



This season is also the best kept secret of New England. The weather is perfect - comfortably warm and dry, clear blue skies and foliage that is superb. We also have great farmers' markets with countless choices. I always look forward to this time of year. Soon,I will make my mother's recipe for stuffed pumpkin.

Stephanie Beack

Pauline, yes, you are indeed surrounded by beauty in New England too. You remind me that I should take a trip north with my camera to come and enjoy your beautiful foliage. Would love to try your mother's stuffed pumpkin recipe if you care to share...I will also do a post later this autumn of my #1 all-time favorite soup. An amazing butternut squash soup.


Hi Stephanie,
Well I'm certainly glad that I'm pretty good at spelling, because I had a tough time getting over to your site through the comment that you had left because the "p" was missing from the link to and I was like..."Error 404? Link not found?" Anyhoo, glad I finally thought to look at the address bar and got myself over here. It's always nice to see interests of a professed food blogger other than well, food. The flower images are gorgeous! Happy Labor Day!

Stephanie Beack

Rowena, so sorry about the typo in my comment on your blog, thanks for sleuthing and making it here. I'm pleased to welcome you to Scrumptious Street!


I'll just add you to my bloglines account...with so many great food blogs around and more cooking up each day, it's the only way for me to ever keep up! Looking forward to the next post!

philippine flowers

Well, I have no doubt about it. Sunflower is really beautiful even though some people doesn't like it. I still love it. Anyway, I enjoyed browsing your blog thanks for sharing!


Stephanie Beack

You're welcome, Fern. Hope to see you again soon!

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