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October 16, 2006



why do I visit your site at lunch time? am I trying to torture myself? Au Bon Pain just doesn't serve stuff this good....

Stephanie Beack

Cause it feels oh so good craving something that is healthy and completely free of shame, croutonboy. Reminds me that I need to create a dish that is an ode to your nickname... stay tuned.


Those sunchokes...aren't they also known as topinambur? I think? I LOVE those even if they give a "gastrous" side effect. ;-)

I am all for the idea of picking a veg/fruit item that has never seen the inside of my kitchen. Recently picked up some camone tomatoes from Sardegna. They reminded me of the black tomatoes that you wrote about previously. Much cooler to look at more than anything!


P.S. Regarding your comment on dried mushrooms...I ditto that sentiment!!

Stephanie Beack

Indeed, Rowena, it is also known as topinambur. I think this name is more commonly used in Europe than the U.S. I did some more research and the medicinal properties are also astounding! We should all be eating more of these.

As for the gastrous side effects, take a couple of Beano before consuming and you'll be fine.

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