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October 27, 2006



A Hungarian spice in an Italian dish? Sounds perfect for this month's challenge for The Spice is Right. (More info is available here - http://habeasbrulee.com/2006/10/18/the-spice-is-right-viii-frankensteins-monster/ )

(And I really like that wooden tray you've got in the photo!)


Chefs saying reconstituted 'shrooms are acceptable??!! Ma DAI!!!!! (I think they say that so as to give hope to those who could not possibly ever find fresh ones)

Your "quasi" ;-) carbonara sounds really delicious and I am really piqued by the addition of paprika. My mind started to go on another tangent when you mentioned fresh mushrooms, because you know, I've never seen fresh morels, only dried. I wonder, are they so precious (than porcini) that offering them at the market is impossible? I'll need to research this.

Stephanie Beack

Danielle -- indeed I will either use this dish or another one I have in mind for this month's Spice is Right challenge.

Rowena, I definitely think chefs say it to encourage us..I have even heard Mario Batali say it (gasp, horror!!!) once or twice. I grew up with fresh morels. Like porcinis, they are truly INCREDIBLE fresh and nothing at all like dried. Maybe next mushroom season you and I can do a swap -- I'll get my hands on fresh morels in the spring and ship to you and you can ship me porcinis next Fall.


Hi Stephanie, I should know better than to surf food blogs before lunch. Now I'm totally craving mushroom bucatini!

And thanks for visiting my blog. You can use butternut squash puree in the cheesecake as long as your puree is not too wet.

Have a nice weekend!



That's me fainting after seeing the photo. Just delicious, Stephanie!

Stephanie Beack

Mary, welcome to Scrumptious Street. Thanks for visiting! I'll try the recipe out, but I realize I should break down and buy a food processor first... my blender likely won't do it justice. Will try it when I am better-equipped.

Ivonne, so glad you like the photo and fainting at the sight of food is a good thing -- wonder what will happen to you when you make it? :-)

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