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October 29, 2006



Thank you for posting this recipe!


That looks delicious... if my boyfriend weren't so darn picky, I'd definitely give that a go- with my brand new immersion blender, natch. (I don't think I can convince him to eat a soup made entirely of vegetables)

Stephanie Beack

Yvo, welcome to Scrumptious Street! Nice having you here.

This soup is very delicious, too good for you to pass up because of some picky boyfriend! So, here's my suggestion. Make the soup but very, very thick and pull out a portion of it for him. Then, continue with the blending and adding broth/lime juice for you to have the soup. Grill up a nice, fat, juicy sausage for your boyfriend and have him slather his portion of thick soup on it. That'll convince him. Seriously, it would work great, especially if you get one of the sausage with a little fennel, cumin, coriander...


That really sounds so interesting, the addition of roasted banana...WOW! Funny thing is, today my husband said that he'd go for pumpkin soup but I told him that I already had pumpkin gnocchi going... I'll have to make this with the remaining pumpkin!



Stephanie Beack

Rowena, the banana really Makes this soup incredible! Great plan for your leftovers. I also did something last night I'll be posting later in the week that's good leftovers too.

Kara, indeed it's yummy! You should try it out. Ironic that I haven't heard from the "Cape Buffalo" for a while but the one recent comment you make is on a South African dish that comes from the Western Cape... are you SURE you're not South African?? :-)

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Sigh. This soup made me swoon! Thanks for posting the recipe.

Tami-Lynn Matheson

Wow...made the butternut squash soup and it was amazing! :) My 15yr old son loves braised squash with thyme so this one seemed a good choice to add to our families menu:) Definitely a bit thick but after adding some broth it was perfect...I also used it when thick....over some rice and chicken. What a versatile,flavor packed dish and healthy too! :)

Stephanie Beack

Welcome to Scrumptious Street!! I am so very happy you tried and like the soup. I too, think it's simply divine. I also play with the thickness and amount of broth and love different textures and body depending on my plans. And indeed, the left-overs are simply incredible. Would also be great to leave it thick and make a ravioli or agnolotti, no?

Tami-Lynn Matheson

Hello Stephanie and thank you for your welcome:)

Yes , i think this would be fabulous over a stuffed pasta of some sorts:) I tried another one of your recipes tonight..and it was great! Will post my comment on that recipe:)

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