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October 29, 2006



I just made this soup and it's scrumptious! Definitely my favorite of the several butternut soups I've tried. I only have two complaints:
1. Like Lisa, I thought it was too thick. (No big deal; I just added more broth.)
2. Even with the extra broth, I only got a little over five servings out of it, and I didn't think the servings were very large.

Stephanie Beack

Elf, Welcome to Scrumptious Street! Glad you liked the soup. Indeed, adding more broth is common, this recipe is hard to make exact because each and every butternut squash is a different size and yield. (As are carrots, onions, etc.) As for servings, that also depends on the size of the veggies used and I suppose we should find a way to make a serving an exact amount. I'll work on that.


Had to come back in to find this recipe. Just got a great butternut from the last of someone's garden and this soup is so wonderful. I'll be looking forward to the smell filling the house. Thanks again for posting it.


This soup was delicious! I had some butternut squash in my pantry and was looking through my favorite food blogs for something I could do with it tonight. I am so happy that my search led me here! Not only was the soup delicious, but some of your other recipes look great too. I look forward to being a future follower of your blog!

Stephanie Beack

Priyanka, welcome to Scrumptious Street! I'm so very glad you liked this soup. It's truly one of my all-time favorites. This is the perfect time of year for it too. Please do try other recipes, I've got loads of terrific things here...


This soup sounds amazing, and I'm always interested in finding vegetarian South African recipes. I'm curious though, I despise bananas and can taste them in just about anything they're in....how much of a banana flavor does this have?

Stephanie Beack

The banana is a huge key to this recipe and I daresay is the "secret" ingredient. 98% of people I've fed it to can't discern the banana. Only if you've got a great knack for deconstructing a dish in your mouth will you know it's there. It doesn't provide a strong banana flavor, especially since it's roasted, it provides a background sweetness and rich texture without fat and cream. Most people are absolutely stunned when I tell them it's in there. Try it!

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