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October 21, 2006



I got a giggle out of the first sentence because in my case, I want to PHOTOGRAPH it, instead of eating it. Seriously, I bought a small bunch of Sardinian camone tomatoes that reminded me so much of the black tomatoes that you posted some time ago. I have yet to follow-through and click that photo. In the meantime, the tomatoes are going bad!

Ack, I'm terrible...

Stephanie Beack

Rowena...it's the same for me too. With this produce, my first excitement is always the desire to photograph it...When I go home from the market I'm composing shots and lighting in my head and then the recipe follows once I'm done with that.

I really look forward to your Sardinian camone tomatoes... don't keep us both in suspense for too long!


These radishes are gorgeous! I think they're one of the most beautiful vegetables I've seen. I recently had fresh radishes served with a bowl of sea salt for dipping! A totally pure eating experience, and I was so glad to find a way to serve these roots! I'll have to try your salad next.

Stephanie Beack

Meghan, welcome to Scrumptious Street!! Yes, aren't they absolutely lovely? I adore them so much and haven't been able to find them on the West Coast as easily as I did in New York. Hope you find them easily too! Let me know what you think of the salad.

Radishes and sea salt are indeed a very pure form of culinary bliss. I love them too. Reminds me of summers eating from my Mom's garden.

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