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November 22, 2006



I actually love soups with barley, so I think this one looks really good.

The soup you brought to the potluck blew away my premise: I don't like cream soups without some sort of grain or something in them to add texture.


I lurve soup in cold weather. I also prefer creamy/chowder type soups over broth, but this one looks wonderful. I love the idea of taking a (for lack of a better word/phrase) "pre-conceived notion" and then blasting it apart with something new. Plus, what a fabulous picture. I may just have to make this. :) (But no, the boyfriend won't eat it. He's not big on soup except when he's sick.)

Stephanie Beack

Danielle, I hope you like it. We sure did, verrry yummy. My opinion, keep in the bay leaf but some people find the flavor too strong. So happy to hear the butternut squash and banana soup blew away your premise. That's so much fun! Although, it wasn't really cream... coconut milk.

Yvo, you make me laugh. Try it, it's worth it. I really think the BF runs wayyyy too much of your culinary life.


Love it! Thanks for another great veggie soup idea. And this one looks easy enough to make a big pot for the sisters on weekday.

Stephanie Beack

Vanessa, it's completely easy and absolutely delicious! Let me know how you and the sisters like it.

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