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November 29, 2006



Mm, yum, the creamy sounds great with the smoky... I have a silly? question though. I've only eaten pomegranate once, a million years ago (okay maybe like 4) and I was told to chew on the little purple corn kernel looking things (seeds, you'd say) and then spit out what remained. Is this not right? I can't imagine you'd want us to eat this and keep spitting out seeds. Thanks!

BTW, beautiful plating and photography. Natural light is so beautiful on food, with such bright colors!

Stephanie Beack

Hi Yvo,
I eat the whole thing, red fruit and the tiny little pip inside. There's just a little seed in the middle that is lightly crunchy and kind of like a raspberry seed, slightly larger and more bite to it. Unless you have issues with seeds as a rule, go for it and just eat the whole thing. I wouldn't spit any of it out.

Thanks for the photography compliments, I completely agree. Au natural is best and just lovely... Sadly, much of my cooking and blogging is done in the evenings too so sometimes that gorgeous natural daylight is only on my weekends.

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