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November 26, 2006



I only wish I was there to taste it. It so happens that one of Doug's specialties is "pumpkin" pudding. He has tried all kinds of squash and agrees with your green skinned friend. He actually cooks the pumpkin in a half inch water bath at 350 degrees cut side down for about 45 to 1 hour minute. It eliminates the need for any butter if you want to avoid using it. Ignore if you want for flavor. Still moist all the way through.


Your cheesecake looks amazing! Kabocha is one of my favorite squashes.


Congratulations on your new kitchen addition. My Kitchen Aid food proccessor holds second place in my heart after the Kitchen Aid standing mixer. Both make short work of many tedious chores. But also produce some fine results that would be near impossible by hand. Enjoy and keep the fantastic results coming our way! Lovely images, btw.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Hmmmmm...I have little kitchen space (but I could probably get rid of that huge espresso maker taking up half my counter that I never use) so I've always put off buying a food processor. Instead, I use a blender which as you know is a royal pain. But I think you've convinced me that it's time to grow up and update my kitchen.

Stephanie Beack

Carlene and Mary, indeed the Kabocha is a winner and the perfect choice for this recipe!

Joyce, funny you mention Kitchen Aid stand mixers, I've asked for that from "Santa". The Professional 600 model will hopefully be part of my Scrumptious Street equipment by the end of the year.

Lisa, I know exactly how you feel and was the same. Never bought the food processor due to space constraints. But, I'm glad you're now considering it. Trust me, you will be THRILLED you did. Move out the blender and the espresso maker. Store them or use them as quaint home decor items in your living room. Put plants in them. Whatever. The food processor will end up taking the same or even less space with soooo much more satisfaction!


Ahhhh! I JUST received an immersion blender for my birthday in October and I was all hooray about that, thinking it cut out the need for a food processor for now (my kitchen is tiny, seriously). But... but... look! Hahahah. That's awesome.

BTW, I happened to see the picture in your last post about being thankful for a dishwasher... and noticed your beautiful kitchen... and now you're mentioning a pantry... did I read wrong somewhere? You DO live in NYC, right? Manhattan or elsewhere? Sorry if I'm being nosy, I'm just... well, nosy. And insanely, insanely jealous.:)

Stephanie Beack

Yvo, you crack me up. Yes, I live in NYC and believe me, sister, I paid my dues and lived for years in a series of typical apartments with kitchens smaller than closets. I am so incredibly lucky to finally have squirreled enough cash away to stop throwing it away. Matter of fact, my move to my new apartment and kitchen was my very first blog post, and inspiration to finally get me writing. Check it out here, http://scrumptious.typepad.com/srbeack/2006/08/now_were_cookin.html

And, I also posted about the gorgeous built-in pantry my husband installed for us, in this post, http://scrumptious.typepad.com/srbeack/2006/08/a_steamer_worth.html


Haha thanks... I read both posts. A very belated congratulations but what a beautiful kitchen and pantry. Pantry... what's that. I suggested to my bf today that we need a pantry and he pointed at our coat closet, but there is seriously no room. I'm sure you know :)



You, my dear, are invited to my events and my home any time you like. And if you want to bring this cheesecake ... or ten of them ... please do!

Once again, Stephanie, your writing, your cooking and your styling puts you far above the rest. Food Network ... are you reading this ... hire Stephanie!!!

Stephanie Beack

Ivonne, thanks so much. I will join in your events anytime that I can. And, I would love to come do the tomatoes next year. Seriously. I appreciate your enthusiastic support!

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