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November 01, 2006



Thanks for the welcome and the suggestion. That sounds so good... (said boyfriend and I cohabit, and as he's dreadfully thin, I am trying to plump him up... therefore constantly have to dance around his picky but un-refined (hehe!) palate...)

It's funny, I was thinking about eggs the other day and how I rarely use them in anything but breakfast, though I always keep a dozen or so hanging out in my fridge. I've been wondering about this dish I had in Spain... the only eggs we could get because apparently they're not breakfast foodstuff over there... chorizo, potatoes, in this cute little skillet thing, eggs, onions, so good. *shakes head of image* Anyway, I've been wanting to try making a frittata but... alas... no skillets quite right and definitely no kitchen space to store such a skillet. Looks delish. I'm trying to cut a piece off my screen...

Stephanie Beack

Yvo, let me know if the squash and sausage trick works ;-)

Mmmm, I know how you feel about the skillet but now after having them let me convince you: just get at least one. Store it anywhere. Under your bed, in your closet, use it as a coffee table. Just purchase one. You'll love it. And, yes, what you mention above is the Spanish tortilla. (Nothing to do with mexican style) They are very much like a frittata indeed. They're incredible. Especially when you start by slicing the potatoes very thin and slow-cooking them in olive oil to cook them before adding the eggs, meat and onions. I'll do a post on them one day too. They are divine.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I went to the store tonight to buy some eggs, and that song was playing in my head! I love making fritattas (or tortillas as I call them since I lived in Spain for a few months). Baked eggs are the perfect blank slate for whatever your heart desires.


Aha! Without the egg I wouldn't be able to make your Mushroom Bucatini! I've purchased the criminis and thinking of making it for Sunday brunch if we don't stuff ourselves at the Sagra of Black-eyed peas and Pork skin on Saturday night. ;-)

P.S. Thanks for reminding me that I need to replace my old non-stick skillets. Subito.


Ahh----Frittata....the best recipe for eggs and especially with asparagus.

contaminated soil

Nice Egg.I like to have egg items daily.I like your dish very much.

Stephanie Beack

Glad you like the frittata, contaminated soil. Interesting name you've got there!

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