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December 11, 2006



The crust on this bread is the best part, I've made sooo many loaves already, I eat them in less than a day.


Oh my god, I just have to make this bread. It's infiltrating my mind, and I HAVE NEVER MADE BREAD EVER IN MY LIFE. Mm.

Stephanie Beack

Brilynn, I am well on my way to catching up with you. What variations/flours have you used?

Yvo, go for it. I promise you will love it. Follow the recipe and video exactly, it's SIMPLE. It'll get us all through the winter! And, when your BF doesn't want to eat the yummy veggie soup you make with it, you can slap some meat and condiments on this and he'll think it's the best sandwich ever. :-)


Oh my god Steph... this bread looks so good. I will have to try it. I am soo hungry now and I decided to look through your blog, not a good time. Now I wanna leave work and go home and bake LOL



I first tasted this bread at a vacation resort. Can this be purchased anywhere?

Stephanie Beack

Hmmm, not sure. Everyone's been making it, I'm sure there are bakeries that sell it too.

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