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December 24, 2006




I'm back from my trip and have missed reading your lovely posts! The stew looks incredible and reminds me very much of a light summer soup we had in Italy once but instead of sausage they put calamari in the soup. You've brought back great memories!

I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Hugss from Cream Puff!


The nutcracker is adorable! The stew sounds good too. I will definitely be attempting more recipes in the new year- I think I'm going to have to cut out going out so darn much. Ah well.

PS My bf WOULD love that chocolate cake, but alas, I do not bake. I am too loathe to measure things.

Stephanie Beack

Ivonne, welcome back from Europe! It's great to have you back and I'm looking forward to catching up on all your events and postings too. Wow, this stew would definitely be excellent with calimari too, I will try it next time.

Yvo, this cake is so delicious, really, it's worth a try don't you think?? Am glad you like the nutcracker too, I think they're sweet.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!


I think the best thing about dried chickpeas vs. canned is the lovely "broth" they give off. If only they didn't take so long! :)


Sunday afternoon, don't want to go the store but need something for dinner. Aha, - the perfect match I have everything I need in the house and even, I confess, loved this that much more because it helped me clear out the odds and ends (sausage and spinach). I've been enjoying for lunch days later and it keeps getting better.

Stephanie Beack

Carlene, this is indeed the perfect pantry and refrigerator cleaner recipe. So happy to hear you're liking it so much, it's one of my classics now.

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