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December 27, 2006




Even though you may not be fully Italian, you make gnocchi like a true Italian! They look wonderful and I think it's great that you tried them for the holidays. They're a real treat! And good call to try the Mario Batali recipe. He is consistently one of the best choices to turn to for "help" when cooking Italian food.

My compliments to your hubby on his photography!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I've had a hankering for gnocci ever since I returned from Italy, but was intimidated by the process. Last week I spent some time reading the Silver Spoon, and there were all these gnocci recipes made without potatoes, which confused me further. I had no idea! In any case, this is an awesome tutorial! Fantastic photos!

Stephanie Beack

Ivonne, thank you for the tremendous compliment of making gnocchi like a true Italian, that means the world. And I think my adopted Nonna would be proud of me too. I fully intend to perfect this recipe...

Lisa, I have also always thought it too much to take on but trust me, it's not. Given what you do with tamales, you'll be great. It just is a methodical process but certainly not difficult at all.

Mr. Scrumptious thanks you both for the compliments. Wish I had a full studio setup so I could do more automated process shots on my regular postings. They're great, no?


Now you've got me wanting to make gnocchi again... I like it with sweet potatoes.


Mm, wow, I love the photographs, they really capture what you're describing (because honestly I think I'd have been a little lost otherwise- rolling them along the fork was too much for my holiday-geared mind to process!). Wow, who'd have thought- you make it look so easy! (And I'm still drooling over your kitchen, haha!)

Stephanie Beack

Brilynn, sweet potatoes are a terrific idea! That opens up a world of possibilities.

Yvo, the photos definitely make this post, it can be time consuming indeed. Yes, I do love my kitchen... sigh.

rock forest

Steph, your gnocchi endeavor brought me back to my childhood. Grandma made gnocchi in a very similar manner, except olive oil was THE oil in her kitchen.(and of course they were smaller!!).
Then that reminded me of the family favorite: cavatelli or 'gava deal'.
The grandkids would gather early in the morning on a Sunday OR holiday, Grandma would roll out the dough, my mom or aunt would cut the pieces, and the kids would press and roll with our index fingers. We would carry to her bedroom and place them on a sheet covering her bed to dry. I miss those days...and GRandma!!!

Thanks for helping to remind me!!!


Stephanie Beack

RF/PG, welcome to Scrumptious Street! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family memory about making cavatelli. It's a gorgeous story and part of what is so fun about food and blogging -- it brings many wonderful memories out in all of us. Great tradition indeed! Ah, yes, olive oil is also MY olive oil. I was surprised the gnocchi was tossed with canola oil. It's mostly because it's light enough that it doesn't seep too deeply into the gnocchi before the second cooking...

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