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January 22, 2007



I'm so terrified of making artichokes because it sounds so complicated and they well, look hard to prepare. (Guess what? BF actually will eat them!) I may just try now since you've been so kind to explain it.... mmm.... yummy :)

Stephanie Beack

Yvo, I promise you it's not nearly as complicated as that turkey you roasted! They're not as complicated as you might assume. And for goodness sakes, if the BF eats it, MAKE IT! haha. The sauce is so good with it too.


Looks absolutely delicious Stephanie! And I curse myself for not having replaced the bottle of red peppercorns on my spice rack! Well... atleast tonight I can accomplish the part for cooking the artichokes. ;-)

Stephanie Beack

Rowena, welcome back! I've missed you. You could also try it with black, white or green peppercorns. I just really like the delicate mildness of the pink in this recipe. Definitely, your artichokes are gorgeously in season now. Can you harvest them wild along the road? :-)


This appetizer looks absolutely delicious! The dip doesn't sound too difficult to make, but I'll have to take your word on the artichokes. Your presentation - the pink peppercorns, contrasted with the rich white sauce and green artichokes - is fabulous. I'd almost be afraid to eat it. Almost.

Stephanie Beack

Michael, thanks so much! The dip is definitely very easy. The artichokes are too, actually, it's just familiarity with and attention to the process like anything else in cooking. First an foremost, the food should ALWAYS inspire you to devour it. Glad the pretty presentation doesn't quite dissuade you. :-)

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