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January 26, 2007



You and the Ideas In Food blog shop at the same grocer! They had Tasmanian Sea Trout on their blog today too!



Mmmmmm, that sounds so darn good, my stomach is seriously growling very loudly over here! Mm, yumm! I've never poached fish (because it ah, sounds hard? I bake or fry mostly... mmm.)but that sounds really delectable. Hehehe... cheese + fish is a secret pleasure of mine ;)

Stephanie Beack

N, it's definitely a small food-blogging world. The fish must be good these days!

Yvo, it was very, very good. I wouldn't say I'm in the habit of combining fish with cheese but you're right it was a real pleasure. Poaching fish is so easy and the result is so incredibly tender, moist and full of flavor (if you add aromatics and acid to it) you really should try it. It's far tastier than baked, unless you're baking en papillote. It doesn't get dry in the least!


I think that's why I was scared off- poaching makes it sound so... bland and boring! But clearly, I'd just never considered the possibility of poaching with aromatics/herbs/acid to enhance the flavor even further, yum! Hm, would that still be poaching? When is it considered braising? Never mind, whatever, poach is a delicate word, and fish is delicate, so it works.

I came back because I forgot to mention I loved that last step. I just want to skip to that one ;)

This is definitely going to sound weird, but my original thought was "I didn't think most people did fish+cheese" then I thought of those nasty (well, now, but back then, yum!) school lunch fish filets with the slice of American cheese baked/fried into them/under the skin? But really, my secret pleasure is from this random restaurant on the edge of Chinatown (on Bowery) (that might not be there anymore? though I'd swear I passed by in a cab the other night, though the sign looks a bit different) that serves "American food", one of the dishes being baked grouper with cheese. I couldn't tell you what kind of cheese it is, but the fish is baked over rice in this cream sauce with peas and it's just so darn good... haha. I used to be fanatical about American/"Western" food done Asian/HK style because it's so... good. If you've ever had HK style spaghetti, you'll know what I'm talking about. Sorry, I'm rambling on now. But yes, yummy! I definitely want to try this recipe in some incarnation, and soon!

Homesick Texan

I always scrimp so I can splurge. And yes, whenever you justify how expensive it is to eat out at a restaurant, a dish at home with expensive ingredients is still a bargain.

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