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February 09, 2007


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I needed a culinary vacation and this may be just the ticket! And I'll try it with the thighs--I much prefer dark meat to white.


I'm with Lisa on the dark meat thing, and I'm slowly getting BF to go my way (yay!). I don't know WHAT you're talking about when you say the photo doesn't look incredible, though. The green stands out so bright/dark/stark against the rest but picks up the red in the chile peppers... Mmmm, yummy! I do appear to need a better stocked pantry, though. Do you think this could fly without the coconut milk though? I've noticed that coconut milk smooths/mellows out a lot of the spicier tastes, rounds it out in the mouth and sweetens it, but I'm allergic... then again, if we're at home, it might not be so bad, pop some Benadryl after/before dinner and just sit on the couch, trying not to itch ;)

Stephanie Beack

Lisa, this should do it. The thighs are much better, indeed. I just didn't have them on hand when I made this.

Yvo, glad you like the photo too! Yes, it could fly without the coconut milk, but you're right -- it just would miss the sweet softness. I'd use only 1 or 2 chiles if you're skipping the coconut milk. You could also try a tablespoon of plain yogurt in the base of the spice/shallot mixture. That might help mellow it up. Let me know what you think!

Michael Lundberg

Seeing this Laksa recipe stirred up all kinds of memories of my 9 months in Australia. I sympathize with your craving for the flavor. It's just an entirely different kind of spiciness compared to the jalapeño spiciness that I'm typically used to.

When I was in Sydney, I would eat Laksa at least once/week for lunch. You'd (at least I was) be very surprised at how strong the Asian influence is on their diets in Australia. I used to go to a Malaysian soup cafe that served several types of Laksa. I typically got either the chicken or the prawn laksa and I was always more partial to the prawn. The chicken laksa had all kinds of chicken parts in it - it was definitely not all breast meat. It was delicious all the same!

The recipe looks great. To be honest, I never really knew what was in it.

Stephanie Beack

Michael, thanks for sharing your fond memories! I can just imagine how wonderful your time in Australia was, I have been there once and simply loved it. Australia is just along the spice route, so it definitely received the benefits of curries and spices from Southeast Asia and India. Fascinating how once those flavors arrive, they become incorporate into a land's culture permanently, isn't it?

Yes, tradition is always chicken with bone-in and I like your "chicken parts" reference even better. Glad to hear you weren't afraid. The prawn variation sounds wonderful. I'll have to try that next time. I'm so happy you shared your memories with us. Thanks!


That looks incredibly deliciouis!


I remember eating laksa on my very first day in Malaysia. The taste was so intense -- it was all part of the sensory overload I was experiencing upon arrival in that country. It was the first of many bowls of laksa we tasted as we traveled from night market to night market. I fell in love with it at first bite.

Stephanie Beack

Kristen, thank you and welcome to Scrumptious Street! I haven't heard from you before. It's nice to have you here.

Lydia isn't it just wonderful? Those first impressions are one of my favorite things about traveling and indeed, one never forgets. The nights markets are spectacular, what a vibrant place to engage in a new culture, right?

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