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March 19, 2007


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I love, love, love your wedding photo! So romantic, especially with the umbrellas!

Marce at Pip in the city

I just love Anthony Bourdain, but haven´t bought the Les Halles Cookbook yet (I do have A Cook´s Tour and The Nasty Bits and love his tv show). This recipe sounds intriguing because I had always heard of soaking the potatoes in ice cold water, but I never knew about the blanching process. Will have to give them a try soon. Thanks for the recipe!


Those look like perfect fries!

Stephanie Beack

Lisa, thank you. He has a lot of us on his wedding sites, actually. Yes, it was a rainy day, in the early morning, in Central Park. But, that's supposedly good luck for a happy marriage (so far it's true!) and indeed yielded gorgeous photos with a very special mood.

Marce, welcome to Scrumptious Street! Indeed, the blanching is the secret to perfection in my opinion. We made fries at home when I was a kid and never knew about blanching. These yield that spectacular result. The blanching cooks them thoroughly first and then the frying step just crisps them up. If you skip the blanching, you tend to get overdone on the outside and soggy or half raw on the inside.

Thanks, Brilynn. If you follow exactly, they are perfect! Of course, cutting the fries that uniformly takes a bit of time. :-)

Cate O'Malley

The Husband is the official french fry maker in the house, so I'm passing this on to him. They look divine!

Stephanie Beack

Thanks, Cate. I am quite sure you both with love them. If your Husband is the french fry maker, are you the grill mistress?


Chef Bourdain is right on the money, there is no "half ass way" to make a French fry.

Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding photo....


oh man, like, my favorite thing... I can feel the salty hot crispyness. drooooool.
(love the wedding pic!)


well, most commercially available blast frozen fries are already "blanched" in one form or another. Whether they be pre fried or boiled.
Follow the directions for great fries.


I remember watching the Las Vegas episode of 'No Reservations', where Anthony Bourdain goes into Thomas Keller's Bouchon. Bourdain states that he feels that Les Halles Fries are the 'best in the world'. That is, until he tries Bouchon's version...and gets quietly angry, jealous and bitter over the realization.

You can view the recipe for Bouchon's version of 'The World's Best French Fries - Pommes Frites' on Tony Aspler's website.

Sadly, I haven't made either version yet, but I think the major difference is that the blanching stage is cooked at 320°F instead of 280˚F.

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