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March 19, 2007


Stephanie Beack

Olaf, welcome to Scrumptious Street! How interesting, thanks for sharing! I'm now going to have to do my own head-to-head comparison and see just how much that 40˚ temperature makes! Thanks


You can view the segment in the first two minutes of 'No Reservations - Las Vegas 2/5' on You Tube. One off-color description heard in this segment is explained in part 1. His commentary makes it sound as if he's almost laughing at his restrained tantrum.

Several years ago there was some turmoil over the kind of potatoes that were used at Bouchon, when it was revealed that Sysco frozen fries were used - perhaps due to the volume, storage and costs of manually cutting them up -- or just consistency.

Rouxbe has slightly different cooking temperatures too.

I hope to see your comparison, though I'd rather do the taste test myself! :)

The Culinary Chronicles

We just went to Les Halles last week and hands down, they were the BEST fries of my life! :) Thanks for the post!

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