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March 09, 2007



I made sweet crepes recently, and after seeing yours I definitely need to try a savory version!


I love the picture you painted of you and Mr. S standing at the stove feeding each other and giggling and just having fun. That sounds so intimate and delicious.
But my goodness, that picture of the savory (though from your descriptions, I'll take the sweet! YUM!) - it screams to me. I love the details- the blue plate with the matching dish of - peanut sauce? but no, it's tomato-garlic-cream, and the picture makes me think "Asian" but then it's not. Awesome. I love it!!! Mm.. thanks for sharing<3

Stephanie Beack

Brilynn, aren't they wonderfully versatile? The savory versions are really limitless, especially when you start adding spices and herbs.

Yvo, thanks for the compliments! I'm so happy you like the story and the styling. We did have a great time, you should try this with the BF! I was hoping the juxtaposition of Asian tablesetting and Mediterranean-style food would work in that shot. I'm glad you got it!


My husband is Dutch and at the Pannekoek "houses" in the Netherlands they made yummy savory offerings with bacon (spek) cooked right into the Pannekoek. One of those followed by an apple and cinnamon...dreamy.

Stephanie Beack

Caroline, that's a terrific idea-- putting it into the batter itself. Ah, yes, dreamy is the right word.


Okay now I know why Doug liked this entry so much. It involves cinammon and a man pan-flipping, both things he loves himself. Finding joy in the small things is such and enormous delight. Lovely.

Stephanie Beack

Carlene, the man pan-flipping was honestly my very favorite part. :-) Good to know that Doug does it too!


hey, i forst tried these at an (i think) small chain recently called "de dutch", apparently the place specialises in pannekoeks, and have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with different varieties of them, i also translated the recipe to metric

1 cup flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup milk
2 eggs

Stephanie Beack

Alex, thanks for the note and the quick conversion. That's a great help. Welcome to Scrumptious Street!


These were fantastic! My dutch boy thought they were very authentic. Mooie pannekoeken!

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