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March 02, 2007



I like to think that I am the frittata queen -- I love all variations, and frittatas are my go-to meal when I want something in a hurry. I always have veggies (even leftovers) and good parm cheese in the fridge.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I agree with Lydia, frittatas are my favorite way to use up vegetables and cheeses that are hanging out in my fridge. I love your addition of stone-ground mustard. I'll have to try that!


Mmmm, I've only made one frittata so far but this is delish...!!! I'm planning on taking an Egg class at ICE actually.... should be fun!!! Eggs and brunch are so wonderful (together or separate). :)

Stephanie Beack

Lydia, I am honored to be associated with the Queen! :-) Sounds like you, Lisa and I are all the same in this way. I too, always have something on hand and at least one variety of cheese.

Yvo, would love to hear about your class when you've taken it. ICE has some really great instructors and courses!


Who are you? What have you become? You're like...I don't know...skilled! It's like you've morphed into Julia Child!

Let me know when your nachos recipe is posted...

Stephanie Beack

CroutonBoy... it was always lying within!! Than ks for reminding me about the nachos. I'll work on that one. I know how you love them. I'll also do a crouton and cheese recipe just for you.

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