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March 14, 2007



Now, why don't I ever think of using grapefruit zest? Brilliant idea!

Sarah Caron

Oooh, that sounds like a good combination (but I am easily lured to unusual things). I might make this and not tell anyone what it is until they try it . . . tends to work better for open minds in my house.


This is my first visit to your blog... what an enticing first recipe to find. mmmmm looks delicious.

Stephanie Beack

Lydia, glad you like the idea. Now you'll think of a million ways to use it.

Sarah and Caroline, welcome to Scrumptious Street! Great to have you both here and I'm pleased you like this one so much. It really is delicious. Sarah, that's a good strategy. I love to hear them rave about it and then stun them with the "secret ingredient". This falls into that surprise factor fun very well.

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