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April 15, 2007



I keep my pizza stone in my gas oven all the time, to even out the heat. It seems to absorb the flavors of everything that cooks in the oven -- which I think is a plus. Buying dough from the local pizza place is a great idea -- so much fresher than supermarket dough.


It looks absolutely amazing. Also, what's silly about a Stainless Steel Egg Separator? LOL.

Stephanie Beack

Lydia, what an interesting concept...keeping the stone in the oven all the time. I believe that it evens out the heat. Hmmm, absorbing all those flavors? It will definitely create a flavorful crust in my oven!

Thanks Steve, it was indeed. Whoops, hope I don't upset anyone with the "silly" word. Maybe frivolous is better. I have that bias against any tool in which my two tools with opposable thumbs are still a much more efficient and effective choice.


This looks great! I'm definately going to try this. Oh! And you have inspired me to start my own food/recipe blog. http://suburbangourmet.blogspot.com/index.html

You are definately on my list of weekly reviews!

Stephanie Beack

Matt, welcome to Scrumptious Street! Thanks so much for the compliments and I'm honored that you've launched your own blog if only partially because of mine. Thanks so much-- that's very kind! I hope it goes great and you have a lot of fun... I'll keep an eye on you too.


Thanks! I'm a huge fan of yours!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Hi Stephanie! I also keep mine in the oven all the time and use the peel to take my pizza's out of the oven. But I never thought of taking out the stone so the pizza would stay warm.

Michael Lundberg

Pizza - now this is what I'm talk'n 'bout! The only thing missing is a healthy dusting of garlic, which I'm sure is completely inappropriate for this kind of pizza, but I can't help it. That's just how my belly likes it.

It's been a while since I've handled one of these stones at the store (because you know I don't own one). It would seem like it would be sturdy enough to cut on it, but it's probably best that you don't.

Keep the great recipes and cooking instructions coming!

Stephanie Beack

Michael, no way is garlic missing! I put it in the sauce, but if your belly likes more on top then that's TOTALLY appropriate. Part of what's so excellent about cooking.

Definitely the stone is sturdy enough to cut on but you never want to do that because it will actually damage the stone and ultimately, could crack it. So, either slide it onto a cutting board to cut or use kitchen shears.


All the way around this post makes me happy. First because you loved it and second because I need to try the quick jerk removal myself. Been using a spatula to help it slide off and that has resulted in an oblong pie. Not so good.

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