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May 06, 2007



That's great! I was never able to get my herb garden growing from seeds itself so I went to a local greenery where they have grown basil, rosemary, etc., plants and you can buy them, in full bloom - it's great! Sadly, my basil didn't last the winter (in Minnesota) but my rosemary and mint did by just bringing them inside and leaving them close to the window and watering them about every other day. Good luck with your herb garden!



Having your own fresh herbs, wherever and however you grow them, will change your life. On those days when you can't get to a greenmarket and all you can find is a supermarket tomato, you'll be able to come home and know there's some fresh herb waiting to perk that tomato right up. Good luck with your new garden!


Don't give up keep at it. I want to do the same thing. Got my list from Derik about what and when I should plant. With the move this year it won't happen but the planter will be part of the new deck in the future.

Stephanie Beack

Lydia, you are so right -- already it's changing everything and I walk out to the balcony with a big smile and my kitchen shears, smile at Mr. Scrumptious and clicking the shears open and closed, "Snip, snip, going to get my lemon balm, thyme and chives!" And, I'm already salivating waiting for that tomato.

Carlene, I'll share whatever I learn and you'll have so much fun with it. You could always get it ready at the new deck now, couldn't you?

Sandy Hudsoon

Your garden looks beautiful. And keep trying you have a green thumb; it's inherited. Put small rocks in the planter boxes for your herbs, it helps with drainage so the new plants don't get water logged or sunburnt when the full sun arrives. And if you did not, we can.

Stephanie Beack

Thanks Sandy, all good suggestions and thanks for all your gardening help!!

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