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June 03, 2007


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Wow! I can totally see the family resemblance, especially with your dad. And what exciting news about your tomatoes! I'm sorry you're not going to be able to attend the meet-up next week, hopefully we'll get to see you and Mr. Scrumptious another time soon!


Looks great! I have never eaten a scallop before and I'm wondering if you could share what they taste like? Like Shrimp? Like a fish like Cod? Just curious. It looks great!

Stephanie Beack

Lisa, yes, I definitely look like both of them but especially my Dad. People kept saying that all weekend long! Too bad I can't meet up next week, indeed, but hope to catch the next one. Raise a class and a fork for me!

Suburbangourmet, that is a very difficult question. Because a scallop truly tastes like... a scallop. It's one of the most unique shellfish flavors and it doesn't taste like anything else. You will simply have to try one to believe it. The flesh, when cooked perfectly, is slightly sweet but not nearly like lobster or crab or shrimp and far less rich than them all. It's a true delicacy, with a gentle sweetness and taste of the ocean. It is not strong or fishy, it is gentle. When cooked right, it's texture is firm on the seared outside but silky and soft with slight resistance on the inside, almost like an extra firm tofu. It's incredible and much better than describing it is tasting it. But, beware, they are hard to get right. If you have one that's smelly, or fishy or rubbery that is NOT what I'm telling you about here. Good luck! Try one and let me know what you think.


Oh man, your herb garden sounds fabu! I want one :)

Mr Scrumptious

Damn! I'm so disappointed I missed out on this dish. This looks wonderful!! How about you try this again sometime soon. ;-) Yum-yum!!

Stephanie Beack

Mr. Scrumptious, anything for you, hot stuff! I will make it again, just for us.

Michael Lundberg

I can't tell you how much I love scallops, especially giant sea scallops. I'm not such a big fan of clams, but from the ingredients, I'm sure that this would taste positively awesome - yet another delicious scrumptious original recipe!

Stephanie Beack

Hi Michael, oh, then you must try this and you can absolutely skip the clams altogether and just use scallops only. Whatever suits your fancy. Enjoy!

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