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June 20, 2007



Wow, I am thrilled! It's a good thing I did not take my own tomato plants in account, they are definitely not doing as well as yours. The height is amazing!

but, green thumb? I do not have it

this was a fun game, thank YOU!

Stephanie Beack

Sally, again, congratulations and thank you for playing. I think this is the beauty of a south-facing balcony in steamy, humid, New York City. This plant is LOVING it! I can't believe how high it's grown as well, especially for an heirloom variety. My mom grew regular beefsteak kind of tomatoes and I don't remember them growing so tall so fast.

Also surprising for me that it's in a pot too. I had to repot after about 2 weeks and it just took off after that.

By the way, I never thought I had a green thumb either. I've killed many houseplants. My mom has an amazing green thumb. She tells me it's inherited...maybe you do really have it but it's just not "turning green" yet. :-)


Interesting.... both my Mom and my late Grandma have fantastic skills with plants. They were never interested in edible crops, though - mainly flowers and ornamental greens.

My first tomato turned red a couple of days ago, I thought I was going to cry... :-)

Well, I hope your tomato plant is still thriving!


Gosh, after you've sent it, please let us know what the prize was!!! I want a tomato plant now :) Well, life is changing, so we shall see if I can plant tomatoes now :D

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