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August 19, 2007



Hi, I really messed this up, probably because I changed the recipe. At the time, the changes seemed minor, but maybe reading of my mistakes will be useful for someone else. Firstly, I used red onion instead of shallot, which was maybe why the overall paste was quite mushy, not smooth and thick.
Second, I put a lid on the baking tray instead of aluminium foil which I think helped seal in the moisture to much.
As a consequence, everything was wet, tasting vaguely of uncooked, wet, onion.
Quite disappointing. Certainly no "big bold flavours" came through.

Stephanie Beack

Hi John, whoops. Yes, both those changes make a big difference. So sorry that it didn't work out. How much red onion did you use? I would say no more than 1 T. and I bet you used at least half the onion or more. The proportions here are very important...also, you're right about the lid. You only want to cover enough to keep the fish from crisping too quickly. A lid seals all the moisture in and braises the fish and definitely is a different technique.

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