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October 06, 2007



That is a beautiful artichoke! Someone told me yesterday that when she eats artichokes, she tastes mint in the leaves. I think it's like cilantro -- some people taste soap. I don't like cilantro, but I love artichokes.


they look amazing Steph!


Wow - you definitely picked some great looking artichokes. I haven't had an artichoke in years - now I want one!

Stephanie Beack

Yes, indeed these were beautiful, amazing and great looking. I never tire of artichokes and these were wonderful.

Lydia - mint is a new one! I don't taste the mint. You should find out what variety she thinks tastes like mint. I definitely get a hint of the cilantro flavor... Soap?? No. Well, actually maybe if it is overcooked. Sometimes I get a nutty flavor too.

Maybe it'd be fun to buy a few varieties and do a tasting. What do you think?

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