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March 06, 2008



That looks soooo yummy... I can't wait to get back into the cooking swing of things...

Stephanie Beack

Hey, hey Yvo!! Good to hear from you again. Where've you been?


Here, there, everywhere, except in the kitchen- I was in the process of moving (and still am) and my kitchen is a real mess right now. I have a pantry though!!! which needs new shelves and then I can start putting all of my goodies away. :) Let the cooking begin [again]!

Susan from Food Blogga

Mmm... I love this recipe. I just made baby artichoke and asparagus risotto this weekend which I'll be posting on. Aren't baby artichokes sensational?

Stephanie Beack

Susan, I hope you enjoy it. Oh, yes, baby artichokes are wonderful when they're high quality! I've had a few recently that were soft and the choke had to be removed (in theory they shouldn't)so it's thrilling when they're succulent and toothsome at once.

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