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May 05, 2008


The Mighty Morel Mushroom

Hey, thanks for checking out my site. That recipe sounds great. I have never thought about it but the buttermilk and the worcestershire sauce sounds very tasty. Thanks for recommending this recipe.

Stephanie Beack

The worcestershire sauce and buttermilk are truly the key in this dish! They make the mushrooms tasty and succulent before frying so that the final result is juicy and crispy. Try it out and let me know how you liked it!


That sounds so lovely. Mmm... earthy mushrooms!

PS You said you grew up in a mountainous area... you know, I confess, this entire time, I kind of thought you might be one of my HS classmates whose last name I can't recall (I know it's not Beack, but I thought that might be your married name). Hahahah. My bad!

Arthur, like the King

What a terrifying looking mushroom. Morel's, luckily, are of the non-speaking funghi family; for if they uttered a sound, they would simply suffice to say: I shall eat you in your sleep.

Stephanie Beack

King Arthur, you mustn't worry. They are not as terrifying as they look. Indeed, they are delicious, not malicious!

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