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May 30, 2008



My greatest challenge remains how to cook nutritious meals not only on a budget but in the limited time I have during the week and weekends.

Dr. Miller's book sounds facinating and brings the researcher out in me.

Thanks for sharing Mrs. Scrumptious.

Stephanie Beack

Flo, we all have that challenge and this is another great thing about the book. ALL of the recipes are simple and fast. All of them only require a few (usually less than 8) ingredients. Everyone can do them and in a limited time frame. This is very important to Dr. Miller too -- she knows the ideas won't become integrated into one's life unless they're fast and simple to prepare.

Susan Harding

I have been waiting for a book like this to come into existance for a long time. This should only be the jumping-off point of her research. Our Western diet is now wholly inefficient and we need more research into food combinations, soil composition, customs, cultures and recipes we are loosing to time. I'll bet there are many more places for her to ferret out for us. Yeah for Dr. Miller!! Thank you.


Just found your post via Googling "The Jungle Effect." Thank you, however belatedly. I'm going to post to my own journals in a few more months, once I'm quite sure this diet, I mean lifestyle change, has truly taken, as I only started eating according to her advice in March of this year.

By May I had lost 20 pounds and four belt holes, which hadn't precisely been my goal, but blew me away. I'm suddenly meeting all those weird numbers doctors measure health with, whether I meant to or not.

Between feeling better, having an excuse to cook all the time, and enjoying further support for my instinctive desire to enjoy food and sit down to eat with loved ones, it's changed my life far more than a fad diet would.

Thank goodness; fad diets are so soul-less!

Hope lots more folk have read your post.

Buon appetito,


Stephanie Beack

Kat, congratulations on losing the weight but more importantly-- embracing a healthier life for yourself. That's wonderful news and thanks for telling me about your success eating by Dr. Miller's advice. I found the book wonderful and and my time with her insightful so I'm thrilled to have heard of a great benefactor of her work!

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