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November 26, 2008


Iron Chef USA

I was looking for cranberry sauce with little different versions. I found your recipe. Its really good.

Thanks for posting.

Stephanie Beack

Lilly, welcome to Scrumptious Street and thanks for checking out my recipe. This was one of the year's favorites. I've been working on it for years and this time, it's exactly right. Hope you come back for more!


Susan from Food Blogga

I'm with you on the canned stuff. Blegh. These relishes and sauces are so much better with fresh cranberries and they're easy too. The pairing with tangerines sounds so refreshing.

Stephanie Beack

Welcome back, Susan. So glad you like the sound of this recipe. Indeed, the tangerines make it refreshing and so wonderfully vibrant. Give it a try during the holidays, you'll like it! Also would go very well with my spicy pork loin, not only poultry.

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