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March 13, 2009



I am so excited. My mouth is watering reading it. I'll be happy to give it a try both first and second way. I'll make your simpler way first since the garden tomatoes aren't here yet. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Stephanie Beack

Hooray! Thanks for waiting so long, sorry about that. Let me know which version you two like best, after you get the chance to do both.


I need to try a no-tomato sauce based pizza, all of the veggies combined on top look sound delicious together!

Stephanie Beack

Sophie, go for it! Let me know what you think. To me, it's lovely and delicate but also warm and comforting!


I had something like this about 20 years ago in California, except mozzarella instead of feta, and green onions, minced garlic and eggplant instead of butternut squash.

Stephanie Beack

That sounds good too, Kat. I think this version is more delicate, however. It's quite unique to have a pizza with no onions or garlic whatsoever. Not in the slightest bland, it's a celebration of these beautiful veggies.

Pizza Christchurch

I'm a vegetarian myself and i am a fan of pizzas. Thank you for the post. You give me some ideas. My mouth is watering now.

Stephanie Beack

Pizza Christchurch, you're welcome! I truly hope you try and love it.

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